23 Types of Heels That Should Surely Blow Mind of Every Woman

Doesn’t matter if you believe in wearing heels or not, you will concur that shoes can represent the deciding moment of your outfit. Wearing a decent pair of shoes on generally straightforward clothing can in a flash lift the entire look.

It’s similarly critical to be agreeable in the shoes you’re wearing. You would prefer not to walk like a penguin, do you because of an awkward pair? Thus, picking the correct shoes is significant which gets simpler on the off chance that you know the different types of heels accessible on the lookout for ladies. 

The greater part of us realizes the most widely recognized heels types like square heels, stilettos, pencil heels, wedges, and so on nonetheless when you enter a shoe shop, there are numerous other various types of heels that you may not have a clue about. 

That is the reason we considered making it simpler for you and wrote this rundown of various types of heels that will come conveniently at whatever point you go shoe-shopping straightaway. Peruse along and perceive the number of these you knew and the number of you own. Likewise, figure out how to style each heel in the most ideal way! 

Listed below Various types of heels you’d love to hear about:


Pumps generally accompany closed fronts and a top that exposes the very best of your foot. The heels are three-four inches excessive with the front of the shoe sitting low on the floor. Wear these with skinny jeans, work pants, and formal or well-geared up pants!


Stilettos are something each woman needs to own! These are the very best of all heels and might take a chunk of exercise to stroll in because the heels are normally thin. Whenever unsure put on stilettos!

Kitten Heels

If you’re a person who loves heels, however, can’t take the ache as a result of stilettos or pumps or high heels in general, kitten heels are for you. Usually, beneath three inches, those heels are neither too skinny nor too thick. These are ideal for semi-formal or formal attire.

Ankle Straps

Just like the name suggests, these heels may be of any length however they constantly include a strap across the ankle. The ankle strap provides added support to the feet. These cross properly with summertime season clothes and are best if you are attempting to obtain the ‘girl-next-door’ look.


Lace-ups are the types of heels that can be much like ankle strap – offering a hold to the ankle. However, rather than a strap, they have got lace/ribbons that need to be tied. The lace will be longer and will take a seat down anywhere between your ankle or 5-7 inches above it and are best to go along with quick clothes.

Cone Heels

These types of heels right here are fashioned like an ice-cream cone! Cone heels may be as quick or as excessive as you want in which the end seems delicate. Style them with lengthy skirts or immediately match trousers to make a statement.

Sling Back Heels

Sling back heels have a sling on the again that simply holds the end of the shoe for your toe. The right factor approximately those is they don’t slip off mainly in case you are uncomfortable in excessive heels like stilettos. Wear them every time you need to reveal off your ankles???

Cork High Heels

These heels are made from cork fabric just like the name suggests. The fabric makes these types of heels softer and greater cushioned which makes it less difficult to stroll in. If you need to offer excessive heels a try but are terrified of stilettos, this one’s for you.

Wedge Heels

Looking for high heels that can be snug to stroll in? Wedge heels are your answer! There is no separation among the heel to the only and your weight is similarly allotted at some stage in the bottom of the shoe. Style them with a summertime season get dressed like Kate Beck in sale.

Platforms Heels

High on the top of the shoe after which a high heel at the end is what makes a platform heel. A lot of people confuse them with wedges however the distinction is a separation between the front of the shoe and the heel. This appearance is attractive with well-fitted/bodycon dresses.

Peep Toes

Different kinds of heels maybe peep feet which can be labeled with the aid of using the outlet on the front of the shoe to shoe your toe a little. It’s the peeping of the toe from the shoe that offers these heels this name. Paint your nails to make certain that they look high-quality through these.

Cut Out Heels

Not precisely sandals and not completely closed, these are all cut-out in the layout so that your toe is seen in a few regions and hidden in some. These appear quite dressy and attractive and you could flaunt them together along with your LBDs!

Corset Heels

Like you’ve got a corset pinnacle, you could have corset heels too! Yes, the 2 aspects of the shoe come collectively tight and near in your foot. The heel may be as excessive as you want! Team them up with tight denim or leather-based pants and notice the magic!

Oxford Shoes

Why should guys have all of the fun? Oxfords take their idea from the guys’ lace footwear with heels! These types of heels are broader on the pinnacle however can move any which manner at the lowest. You can wear them with formal fits or Victorian-stimulated dresses.


This 90s fashion has made a massive comeback this year and why not. Mules are the comfiest heels there are in line with us. The types of heels come proper on the pinnacle of the shoe and maybe excessive or low. Wear those with something – they may be so snug!

High Heeled Boots

You realize what they may be simple with the aid of using studying the name. Is there something sexier than excessive boots with excessive heels? These excessive-heeled boots are best for the one’s cold winters whilst stilettos make your feet experience cold. Team them up with tight leggings or pants and a declaration coat.

Ankle Boots/Booties

We love ankle boots! They are so flexible and best for spring, rain, and winters! They take a seat down at your ankle and may have a chunky or medium-high heel. Whether you are a denim girl or a get dressed girl, they’ll be best for you.

Spool Heels

Remember how a spool of thread appears like? That’s how the spool heels seem like too! The heel is broader at each end, thinning with inside the middle. The form of these heels types facilitates to create a higher balance. These are best for workplace put on!

Espadrille Heels

What makes the espadrille heels unique is the woven fiber base. The top part of the shoe may be fabric, leather-based, etc. however the decrease is a plaited esparto rope. These are best for a picnic get dressed or a day trip with inside the sun!

Block Heels

Thick like a block, the block heels are square. Thanks to their form, take off the strain out of your feet, in contrast to the opposite thinner heels. These appear right with flared pants or boot-reduce jeans.

These 21 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Know About

So the ones are the unique types of heels that there are for ladies. How many do you own????? Isn’t it excellent to realize what number of unique types of heels ladies have, lol? But a girl can never have enough footwear, can she?

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. We have tried to provide you the best information about the types of heels women should know. Let us know your feedback or suggestion in the comment section below. 

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