COVID vaccine during pregnancy? Here’s What A Doctor Says

As suggested by Dr. Anjali Kumar of CK Birla Hospital, if anyone is planning to start a family, it would be highly recommended that they should discuss COVID-19 vaccination with their gynecologist.

Ever since the pandemic started, the cure was in question first and later on, once the vaccine is developed there have been many questions related to its availability, efficiency, etc. Since the vaccine is available, people are eager to see its effect on the human body and want to know about how it works once vaccinated and are there any risk associated with the shot. Especially for pregnant women, last year has evolved so many questions related to the safety and security of the baby and most importantly it made to think about their vulnerability to the virus in their immuno-compromised state.

In the current situation pregnant women are brainstorming about whether they should get vaccinated or not. While vaccine helps to immune the system but still there are few questions left in the mind needing answers and the most important is whether COVID-19 is safe for expected mother’s or not .

According to Dr. Anjali Kumar, obstetrician and gynecologist, CK Birla Hospital, At present, the Government of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) suggested against getting the COVID vaccine during pregnancy and breastfeeding as well. She also concluded that this may change later on once us enough positive tests which show no harm to mother or child through the vaccine.

COVID vaccine during pregnancy

Can the fetus be harmed in any way because of the vaccine?

According to Dr. Kumar, the vaccine doesn’t have any harmful fetuses. As a matter of fact, the data regarding COVID-19 infection also does not suggest any injurious effect of the virus on the fetus. Moreover, the data related to the effects of the vaccine on the baby are not sufficient to say anything for sure and that is why we do not recommend the vaccine for pregnant women as of the moment.

The risk of reducing coronavirus infection for pregnant or breastfeeding women and those who not pregnant or breastfeeding are the same.  Pregnant women, however, are an immuno-compromised subset of the population. Afterward, they can have more serious effects as explained by the doctors, moreover, if someone is planning to become pregnant it is highly recommended that they should consult their gynecologist about COVID-19 vaccination as it involves two doses and is not recommended during pregnancy for now.

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