How to clean your false eyelashes in 3 easy steps

How to clean your false eyelashes? Who doesn’t love good, dramatic eyelashes? Everyone, right? however, that doesn’t mean you wish to shop for a brand new combination of false lashes on every occasion you utilize them. In fact, all you need to try and do is clean your false eyelashes properly to induce multiple uses out of them! when all, a decent quality pair of false eyelashes may be expensive and you don’t wish to stay shopping for them after one-time use, right?

But however, does one clean your false eyelashes? Honestly, I own only 1 combination of false eyelashes and have used them multiple times, and that they still look pretty much as good as new! cleanup your faux lashes isn’t rocking science however it’s extraordinarily necessary. It’s important to get rid of any glue, mascara, eyeshadow, and so on from the fake lashes before storing them so as to stop any microorganism activity on them.

How to clean your false eyelashes in 3 easy steps
How to clean your false eyelashes in 3 easy steps

In order to scrub your false eyelashes, you may like a few things:

Before you start to get rid of your faux lashes, wash your hands properly with soap and water. You don’t wish to touch your eyes with dirty hands and cause any infection.

How to clean your false eyelashes in 3 easy steps

Remove any traces of glue

After you’ve removed your false lashes, lay them flat on the paper towel, take a combination of tweezers to get rid of any glue strings hooked up to your faux lashes. simply gently decide any traces of glue you discover on the band. Don’t be too rough otherwise, you would possibly spoil the fake lash.

Remove make-up

Lay the false lashes on a paper towel. Now, dab a cotton pad in your eye makeup remover or micellar water, and gently wipe your falsies. to scrub every lash properly, dip the spoolie within the makeup remover and gently take it through the false lashes. Repeat this cleanup method (with the cotton swab and therefore the spoolie) a few times.

Let them dry

Take another cotton swab and dip it in heat water. currently, wipe your false lashes with this swab to get rid of any remaining glue or mascara. Lay the false lashes out on a paper towel, pat them softly once or double with the towel and leave to dry. confirm the lashes are utterly dry before you store them.

So there you go – three easy steps to scrub your false eyelashes! I’m a firm believer in recycling, reuse, repurpose, and cleanup the lashes properly to induce multiple uses out of them undoubtedly falls thereunder the category! does one have the other manner within which you clean and store your false lashes to increase their life? allow us to grasp within the comments below and don’t forget to pin this post!

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