Coronavirus Myths No.1 – Would mosquitoes be able to Spread Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Myths in New Delhi: Coronavirus contamination can’t be communicated through mosquito chomps, the Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday while dispersing some normally spread legends about the sickness since its episode in the nation.

On the thought that everyone should wear covers to shield themselves from getting the infection, the wellbeing service said the individuals who have indications like fever, hack, and cold or are medical care laborers and appointed overseers of home isolated people should wear covers.


Settling the gossipy tidbits and falsehood about the respiratory viral contamination which has guaranteed 10 lives and tainted more than 600 individuals in India, the service said it was a fantasy that solitary individuals with manifestations of COVID-19 can spread the sickness.

“Indeed, even individuals with the COVID-19 contamination however no manifestations can spread the infection,” it said.

Ultimately, the service said it was a legend that eating garlic and devouring liquor can forestall Covid-19.

“Eating garlic and drinking liquor doesn’t forestall COVID-19,” it said.

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